Monday, December 14, 2009

My Tiger Woes

Is anyone else just severely disappointed in Tiger? Despite all my theological knowledge on the depravity of man and my lack of faith in the moral quality of athletes in general, this news still caught me by surprise.

I have been a golf fan for 10 years and a Tiger fan for the same amount of time. I really believed the hype of his image. I believed that he was a family man. I believed that he had a hard work ethic. I even pictured him in my mind practicing his swing from morning until night.

My heart's desire (as far as golf is concerned) was for Tiger to smash every single one of Jack's records. Now I find myself wondering who to root for. I once tried to root for David Toms, because I didn't want to be part of the "everyone loves Tiger" crowd. That lasted for about a minute. I don't know about you, but I just can't choose who I root for. I just root for the person my brain tells me to root for.

Why do we put so much faith in people that we know are driven by a fallen nature? In college I really respected one of my professors who was also my pastor at the time, only to have him fall into sin with the youth director! How can you expect the best of someone, but at the same time be prepared for the worst. That has been my motto for many years, but I always seem to just default to expecting the best, and I am still not prepared for the worst. I don't think the answer is to just expect the worst either. What do you think? And who am I supposed to root for now!?

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