Monday, April 12, 2010

Are you really a victim or just paranoid?

A man attacked a dog this past weekend claiming that it was a racist. Can a dog be racist? Did this man really think that? Check out the story here at the Sun Times

Apparently this man walked by the dog's home many times, and each time he claims that dog discriminated against him. It barked at him and other minorities, but left white people alone. After the attack, the owner felt the need to defend his dog. So, he went out and tried to convince the public that the dog was not racist by citing the dog's minority friends. Did this dog owner really think that this defense was necessary?

Last night on CBS's Amazing Race a U-Turn was offered to the contestants. A U-Turn is when one team can make another team go backwards and do an additional task. Immediately, the teams began to discuss which team they would U-Turn if they had a chance. A few teams decided that they would U-turn a team made up of two women. These two women happened to be Lesbian. When a young man from another team heard this discussion (who happens to be gay), he immediately thought that these other teams wanted to U-Turn the women because they were Lesbian. No . . . they just didn't like these women's personalities!

I think our society has created a climate where our default setting is to cry abuse. We are always a victim. Did the man with the dog actually sit and watch the dog for days on end to make sure that it was racist and not just mean to everybody? No. . . he just immediately assumed that he was a victim. When I go to the store and get bad service, I don't immediately think that they aren't serving me well because I am 1/4 Serbian. I think that they are a poor employee. Others immediately claim that they are a victim. They didn't serve me well because I am a homosexual. They didn't serve me well because I'm Irish. Sometimes this may be true, but I think most of the time it isn't. Before we cry racist, sexist, or homophobe, maybe we should get all the facts. Or . . . maybe we just shouldn't be so paranoid and not care so much about what others think.