Friday, December 18, 2009

Consequenes of Losing the Amazing Race

I can't believe I lost! Like the proverbial Cub's fan, I guess there is always next year. You see, I live in a very competitive household. It is not enough for us to just watch the Amazing Race, we have to raise the stakes a little bit. Each of us chooses a team to root for. If our team wins the race, they get to choose a restaurant for us to eat at. I usually root for my own team, but more than that, I root against my younger kids' teams. They will choose Chuck E. Cheese every time. While I like the mouse, I hate his pizza! Call me a pizza snob, but its disgusting. To borrow a line from Kevin Malone, "It is a hot circle of garbage."

This year I didn't win, but thankfully none of the Chuck E Cheesers won either. Somehow, baby Sarah was allowed to choose a team halfway through the season, and conveniently Shannon was allowed to choose the restaurant, since the baby can't talk yet. So, we ended up eating at the Olive Garden. Not a fan of the pasta, but I would rather eat pasta off the floor, than eat the Mouse's p
izza. Next year I will just have to pick a better team. You're globetrotters guys! Come on!!

Family is important. Find as many creative ways as you can to spend time with them! They are always our number one mission field! You got any cool ideas, throw them my way!

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